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The Pastors' Podcast
Documenting the Journey of a young Pastor and sharing some valuable lessons that every young pastor can learn.
Hey, thank you for stopping by to listen to my Podcast. You may be wondering why another podcast? I entered into full-time ministry when I was 24 years old, It was a roller coaster ride from people thinking that I'm out of my mind to choose ministry and to people who admired my courage and faith. Life in ministry wasn't easy and at that time I was wishing help was available but it wasn't. I began to wonder how challenging it might be for other young pastors like me.

So to extend a helping I decided to start this podcast to share my personal experience and advice on how to be effective as much as you can service of shepherding God's People.

I pray and hope that this Podcast will be of help to you.

My Church Podcast Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hope-city-church-mangalore/id1453493953